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    Another quality product brand by ELBOWROOM

    Advanced engineering and technology has been applied to the StorTite range of mobile storage systems. Electrically Operated, Mechanically Assisted and Hand Operated mobiles available to carry very large loads and a variety of storage products. StorTite storage systems offer compact solutions for a variety of applications including Files, Archives, Parts, Apparel, Paper Products, Palletised Goods, and many more.

  • About StorTite®

    All StorTite® mobiles are robust and will last many years while handling the heaviest loads with maximum use. 

    Wheels are made in Australia using quality high grade steel, machined to a high precision finish.  Due to the design and crowned shape of the StorTite® load wheels, wear on both track and wheels is minimised.  The StorTite® tracking system includes load tracks made from high quality Bright Mild Steel which is pinned to the floor surface and made level using Laser levelling technology.  Track  level is maintained within 0.25mm over the entire unit length during installation.

    All StorTite® units include our unique anti-tip features, allowing the height-to-depth ratio to be greater than conventional design.  So customers are able to make best use of room height as well as getting the most out of the room’s floor area. 


    StorTite® is proudly designed and built in Australia by an Australian owned and operated company.


    StorTite® has a range of control options and accessories ergonomically designed to Australian Standards

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    Hand Operated (H/O) StorTite®


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    Mechanically Assisted (M/A) StorTite®


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    Electrically Operated (EO) StorTite®


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    StorTite® Options and Accessories

  • Control Range

    Select what type of operation best suits you from StorTite's range of controls

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    Hand Operated (H/O) StorTite®

    Move over 4 tonnes of material with a gentle push


    H/O units are at the entry level of the “industrial” mobile shelving design. H/O units are designed to move heavy loads with the minimum of effort by hand grip alone on a robust handle fitted to the end of each mobile.

    • Ideally suited to store from 15 to 30 cubic m.
    • Recommended load capacity per mobile is 4,000 kg (suitable for hand operation).
    • Various shelving types, sizes and combinations available to suit customer’s application.
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    Mechanically Assisted (M/A) StorTite®

    M/A units are ergonomically designed to cater for those medium to heavy loads. Move up to 15 tonnes by simply turning the handle. Mechanical operation is delivered through a winding wheel, cranking the mobile along the tracks.

    • Ideally suited to store over 30 cubic m.
    • Maximum recommended load capacity per mobile is 6,000 kg—suitable for mechanically assisted operation.
    • Various shelving types, sizes and combinations available to suit customer’s application.


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    Electrically Operated (E/O) StorTite®

    StorTite® E/O units are suited to the largest applications—and they are also the ideal solution where any of the following are being considered…

    • WH&S compliant - minimum risk
    • Above average activity for mobile shelving application may exist
    • Option to interface with Desktop PC, offering countless opportunities for unit and user controls and security.
    • Save energy on lighting. Lights can be optionally fitted to illuminate only the aisle being accessed. 
    • Optional data reporting on usage within unit—allowing managed placement of faster moving contents.
    • Optional connection to Fire Alarm system to ensure unit is shut down during an alarm event.
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    StorTite® Options and Accessories

    The StorTite® mobile system offers the flexibility to apply almost any type or brand of storage media.


    Along with a vast range of storage accessories to suit most and common requirements, the StorTite® design team have the design talent and resources to access and provide solutions to any special purpose requirements.

  • Insured, Licensed, Accredited & Conformance

    To protect you, the public, product, employees, property and ourselves, the Elbowroom group of companies maintains a broad range of insurance cover, accreditations, registrations and memberships.  All products, services and methods employed by the Elbowroom group of companies conform to Australian Standards and industry's highest modern standards.


    Public & Product Liability cover


    Contract Works cover

    GITC #

    Government Information Technology Contracting registration #Q-3659

    QBAS #

    Queensland Building and Asset Services supplier registration #851057

    DEEWR #

    Department of Employment. Compliance with Building Code 2013 - #27442

    QBCC #

    Queensland Building and Construction Commission Licence #1179594

    AIG #

    Australian Industry Group membership #0005209


    Accredited government supplier by CCIQ QAssure. Trading and interacting with Queensland Government
    regarding ICT Contracts. Accreditation #11768

    The following Australian Standards are considered and applied by Elbowroom during assessments and design of storage systems in general.


    AS 1755-2000                    Conveyors - Safety requirements
    AS/NZS 3000-2007            Electrical installations (known as the Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules)
    AS 4024.1-2006                 Safety of machinery
    AS 60204.1-2005               Safety of machinery - Electrical equipment of machines - General requirements

    AS 1860.2-2006                 Installation of particleboard flooring

    AS 4084                             Steel storage racking
    FEM 10.2.02                      Racking design code, April 2001, Fédération Européenne de la Manutention, Version 1.02 (European Federation of Materials Handling)
    FEM 10.2.07                      The design of drive-in and drive through storage racking code (draft)
    AS 2143-1978                    Industrial and Commercial Steel Shelving
    AS 4100-1998                    Steel structures
    AS/NZS 4600:2005            Cold-formed steel structures
    AS/NZS 1170.0:2002         Structural design actions - General principles
    AS/NZS 1170.1:2002         Structural design actions - Permanent, imposed and other actions
    AS 1657-1992                    Fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders – Design, construction and installation

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    ..our trusted support partners.



    Correct Installs provide 24/7 support to StorTite units supplied and installed throughout Australia and beyond.  Emergency repairs, installations and relocations supported through our partners Correct Installs.

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